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August 13, 2010

The year AFTER the year after college

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I think about writing in this blog often and have had trouble getting the confidence to just put thoughts on screen. So thought tonight I’d try adding to my memory collection, getting closer to my real age now. My twenties blend together a bit more for me than other memories of my life.

The year AFTER the year after college I directed a production of Once on This Island, Jr. that I was very proud of. It was really satisfying to see my vision come to fruition and also to hear really genuine praise from people who had not expected they would enjoy it.  

Aside from that I pined deeply over a long time lust. And I tried valiantly to stay afloat financially. In some ways it was my first “real” on-my-own year, when the novelty of a first apartment had worn a bit and the question of what-do-I-do-now-with-this-adulthood? loomed large for me. I was still in graduate school and looking forward to getting credits out of the way so that I could student teach. A lot of my life felt awry for some of that year, but it was also the year I found a church and a gym, and a small group of friends that were growing more important to me– so in some ways I suspect I was, at times, happier that year at times than I’d been in a long while.


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