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October 13, 2007

Programmatic Victory

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So we have a good show. A really good show, actually. With high production values, a talented cast, and a minimum of amateur hour moments. The less-than-pleasing number of people that have seen it so far are universally thrilled and have offered their congrats. It’s a bit of a mixed blessing because most of them aren’t really sure if I have anything to do with the fact that a good show miraculously appeared– but a less-than-altruistic side of me is secretly relishing contact with a few who probably came to gloat at what they fully expected would be a failure.

It’s hard to talk about work without specifics– even if no one but friends really encounters this little blog I’m just paranoid enough to avoid that. Cuz who knows. Anyhow, I am thrilled to have a show here that I can point to and say SEE!! THIS IS WHAT WE’RE CAPABLE OF IF YOU LISTEN TO ME. I am not entirely confident that THAT will be the result but it can’t hurt.

In another personal victory (I suppose) I am tearing myself away from work tomorrow to go see BestCollegeFriend and her new little girl. It’s killing me a little to contemplate leaving while the show is up but I’ve got to let the place fly without a net and babies are only a few days old for, well, a few days. BestCollegeFriend needs me, and I need a day off. I hope to enjoy myself and not spend the whole day obsessing about work. We’ll see.

Oh! And I finally got my washer-dryer fixed– we think– so life is looking up all around.


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